Goutham Jørgen Surendran

I am a recent economics graduate from College of Europe and University of Copenhagen.
I am currently working at the Danish Ministry of Finance.
For more and contact details, see my CV or LinkedIn.

Seminar paper and master thesis

Weighted Quantile Decomposition
- with application to changes in South African living standards (2014)
Seminar paper in "Advanced Microeconometrics", Copenhagen
Research question: "Has the dismantling of apartheid resulted in improvements of living standards
among the majority of South Africans and why".
(MatLab-code available upon request)

Bus Engine Replacement Model and Heterogeneity (2015) with Jesper Hybel Pedersen.
Seminar paper for "Dynamic Programming – Theory, Computation, and Empirical Applications", Copenhagen
Research question: "The consequences of neglecting heterogeneity in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models".
(MatLab-code available upon request)

Fiscal policy and collateral constraints in an estimated DSGE model
-Do collateral constraints amplify or weaken fiscal policy? (2016)
with Rasmus Bisgaard Larsen.
Master thesis at University of Copenhagen, Spring 2016.
Research question: "Do collateral constraints amplify or weaken Fiscal policy?".
(MatLab-code available upon request)

Teaching notes (Danish only)